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Club Night: Wednesday 7pm at Cascades Leisure Centre, Gravesend

We’ll start first with a late result from last week, where Sally D took part, once again, in the Orion 15 mile multi-terrain race in Epping Forest. Sally was slightly slower than last year, but as conditions vary tremendously on the primarily off-road course, we shouldn’t be too concerned about her pre-Boston form.

Good Friday saw a great turnout of 21 runners from the club at the Folkestone 10. Known as a flat course, with a few short climbs, twists and turns at the halfway point, we always get a few PBs there. This year, our first male and female finishers were Paul Jones and Sadie Forrest, with PBs gained by Paul, Steve Ball and Simon Hewett.

The Parkruns beckoned on Saturday morning and I made it 25 runners at 6 different Parkruns. Our fastest runners this week were Dan Walsh and Lynne Champion, both at Maidstone. A personal best was run by Chris Gregory at Great Lines.

Results:- Orion 15 – Sally Dawodu-Talabi 205th 2.23.14

Folkestone 10 – Paul Jones 13th 59.34 (PB); Joe Cumberland 37th 1.03.14; Derek George 46th 1.04.15; Steve Ball 111th 1.09.44 (PB); Mark Pywell 123rd 1.10.34; Peter Gibson 126th 1.10.48; Nick Claydon 191st 1.15.18; Steve Cason 196TH 1.15.32; Sadie Forrest 248th 1.18.52; John Gillis 251st 1.19.01; Barry Bell 260th 1.19.19; Darren Harger 269th 1.19.58; Sue Beecham 270th 1.20.00; Richard Storr 277th 1.20.05; Barbara Ockendon 366th 1.25.42; Liz Vassell 403rd 1.28.52; Vikki Hill 458th 1.32.50; Susan Holland 483rd 1.34.42; Simon Hewett 494th 1.35.30; Joyce bell 512th 1.37.10; Mark Caller 645th 2.02.43

Shorne Parkrun – Joe Cumberland 3rd 19.42; Mark Simmonds 4th 20.05; Tim Bell 6th 20.56; Chris Warner 27th 23.05 ; Jason Beaney 40th 24.14; Barry Bell 50th 25.05; Sue Beecham 82nd 27.18; Darren Harger 83rd 27.19; Simon Hewett 86th 27.26; Amanda Crowle 112th 29.23; Gary Groutage 113th 29.32; Louise Stapley 130th 32.31; Vikki Hill 150th 35.10; Helen Fooks 166th 38.44; Claire Ward 170th 39.15

Maidstone Parkrun – Dan Walsh 3rd 17.55; Mark Champion 4th 18.10; Andy Archer 9th 19.19; Lynne Champion 16th 20.18 (1st Female); Mark Scott 78th 24.07

Great Lines Parkrun – Chris Gregory 34th 21.47 (PB); Liz Vassell 130th 26.58

Peterborough Parkrun – Alan Cowan 294th 30.16

Perth Parkrun – Matt Baxter 52nd 23.54

Lanhydrock Parkrun – Steve Mitchell 18th 21.28

Cyclorun 10k – Mark Simmonds 2nd 40.44

Cyclorun 5k – Barry Bell 2nd 24.04; Joyce Bell 12th 28.53; Gillian Calliste 18th 32.01