Club Activity

Istead and Ifield Harriers  run several competitions throughout the year including the Grand Prix, Captains’ Trophy, Winter Handicap and Club Championships. A new ‘Summer Smash’ competition has been introduced for those members who prefer to participate in only shorter-distance races.

More detailed information can be found on Members-Guide-to-Competitions-2022-to-2023

The Club’s Annual General Meeting was held on 25th March 2022 at its new headquarters at Old Gravesendians Rugby Club. After the formal business of ratifying Club Policies and Procedures and voting in new committee members, the annual award of prizes was carried out.

The following club members received prizes:

Perennial Trophies

Name of Award Name of award winner
Founders Shield Helen Fooks
Winter Handicap Matt Holt
Derek Horohan Trophy Deb McCarthy
Cross Country Cup Robert Conetta
Captain’s Trophy (Ladies) Tammy Pullen
Captain’s Trophy (Men) Peter Moore
I&I Member of the Year Geoff Bains
Club Championship 10K (Men’s) Dan Smith
Club Championship 10K (Ladies) Lynne Champion
Club Championship 10 Mile (Men’s) Alan Savage
Club Championship 10 Mile (Ladies) Caroline Howes
Club Championship HM (Men’s) Robert Conetta
Club Championship HM (Ladies) Anna Cleary
Club Championship Marathon (Men’s) Ed Bovingdon
Club Championship Marathon (Ladies) Tammy Pullen
Dennis Trophy Kieron Mumford

Club Grand Prix

1st Male Matthew Holt
2nd Male Alan Savage
1st Male Vet Mark Champion
1st Female Deborah McCarthy
2nd Female Anna Cleary
1st Female Vet Caroline Howes
Runner of the Year (age-graded basis) Trevor Edgley (559.08% accumulated across 7 race distances – 79.87% average)
Performance of the Year (age-graded basis) Ed Bovingdon (88.38% Ardingly 5k)

Captain’s Trophy Men’s

1st Peter Moore
2nd Alan Savage
3rd Dominic Montford



1st Tammy Pullen
2nd Hannah Bain
3rd Caroline Howes

Cross Country Medals – 4 out of 5 KFL races

Alan Savage, Andrew Thompson, Barbara Ockendon, Becky Newnes, Cheryl Robertson, Darran Lewis, Dominic Montford, Ella Thompson, John Gillis, Ken Phillips, Kulwinder Thind, Lynne Champion, Mark Champion, Peter Gibson, Peter Moore, Robert Conetta, Sandra Barbuti, Victoria Wright

Winter Handicap

1st Matt Holt
2nd James Wilkinson
3rd Darren Harger

 Club Championship

10K – Men’s

1st Male Dan Smith
2nd Male Mark Champion
3rd Male Dan Walsh
1st MV40 Dominic Montford
1st MV50 Peter Moore
1st MV60 NA
1st MV70 NA


10K – Ladies

1st Female Lynne Champion
2nd Female Caroline Howes
3rd Female Becky Newnes
1st FV35 NA
1st FV45 Tammy Pullen
1st FV55 NA
1st FV65 NA

10 Mile – Men’s

1st Male Alan Savage
2nd Male Dominic Montford
3rd Male Peter Moore
1st MV40 NA
1st MV50 NA
1st MV60 NA
1st MV70 Trevor Edgley

10 Mile – Ladies

1st Female Caroline Howes
2nd Female Hannah Bain
3rd Female NA
1st FV35 NA
1st FV45 NA
1st FV55 NA
1st FV65 NA

 HM – Men’s

1st Male Robert Conetta
2nd Male NA
3rd Male NA
1st MV40 NA
1st MV50 NA
1st MV60 NA
1st MV70 NA

 HM – Ladies

1st Female Anna Cleary
2nd Female NA
3rd Female NA
1st FV35 NA
1st FV45 NA
1st FV55 NA
1st FV65 NA

Marathon – Men’s

1st Male Ed Bovingdon
2nd Male Kieron Mumford
3rd Male Christopher Humphreys
1st MV40 Matthew Holt
1st MV50 Tim Bell
1st MV60 NA
1st MV70 NA

Marathon – Ladies

1st Female Tammy Pullen
2nd Female Giedre Piktuzyte
3rd Female Ruth McSweeney
1st FV35 NA
1st FV45 Hannah Horton
1st FV55 Penny Marsh
1st FV65 NA

 Some of this year’s award winners