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December Race Report by Mark Champion

Istead & Ifield Race Reports – Part 3

in December we had 50 performances, but not that many races so this report is not too long.

As is becoming customary the month started with the Cyclopark Floodlit Series, but this month David Sancto wasn’t the first Istead finisher, in this case it was Jaks King in a time of 45:04, but David Sancto was there and this month he was pacing Steve Ball (welcome back Steve) to a very respectable 46:45. Janet Murray just nipped under 50 mins, and this time she wasn’t missed off the results, followed by Fay Oram 56:51 and Jane Copeman who just sneaked under the hour 59:57.

Then on Sunday it was “Down ta Marget” for the Thanet 10 and unseasonably mild conditions some good times where posted, I was 1st in 5th in a time of 61:55, Derek George was 9th with 63:39, David Sancto 69:41, Sarah Dand 73:48 (and 4th lady), Sandra Barbuti 1:36:35 and Jan Giles just nipping under 2 hours in 1:59:18.

The following two Sundays had two of the largest Istead turnouts of the year, for on the 11th we had 20 runners at the Turkey Run, I won’t go through all the results but Ross Chapman was first in 6th place in an outfit that once seen can never be forgotten.

The following Sunday saw 18 Istead athletes at the Cyclopark Xmas Cracker, once again I won’t go through all the results but Istead did kind of clean up with the Prizes as Ed Bovingdon won the 10k in a time of 34:04, Simon Parrin won the 5k in 19:33 and also in the 5k Lynne Champion won the womens race in 20:19 (and came 3rd over all).

And that’s it for Dec 16.

But I do have a few earlier missed events to bring everyone up to speed on.

Going back the 5th June Susan Holland completed the Dorking 10 in a time of 1:36:55, on the 18th Sept Nick Claydon completed the Hursley 10k (I have no idea where that it) and on the 29th Oct we had 4 runners down at the Beachy Head Marathon, Ross Chapman 1st in 22nd place a time of 3:27, next in it was good to see Ray Raymond Pearce racing and finishing in a time of 3:52, next in was Louise Chapman 4:43 and finally Sally Dawodu in 5:45.

And now the section you’ve all been waiting for, the Simon Parrin update!!!

Unbeknowst to me Simon Parrin has been pretty active racing this year, but many of his races have been a bit off the beaten track so I’ve previously missed them. But after some detective work I think I’ve now found them all, so here goes.

On the 6 Mar Folkestone Seafront 5 Simon finished 8,
on the 3 Apr he won the Hole Park 5k,
on the 26 Jun he came 3rd in the Podplus 3 lakes 5k,
on the 2nd July he completed the Dartford Midnight Marathon in a time of 4:53:24,
on the 23rd July he came 7th in the Harbour Wallbanger,
on the 29th July he won the Alfie Gough Ramsgate 5k
and finally on the 28th Aug he won the Oliver Fisher 5k.

Simon please let me know if I’ve missed anything else.

So that’s us fully update on the race reports and later in the week I’ll update the Dec Grand Prix position.

Cheers Mark